A ‘Fridge Art Museum!

In this digital age there are apps for everything— now even for archiving your kids’ artwork! While my kids’ work is stashed away in an attic somewhere gathering dust and mold, parents nowadays can simply turn to Canvsly and instantly have a home for their children’s masterpieces!

All a parent has to do is download the free app and start saving their beautiful works of art. Capture the “creativity” with your phone’s camera or through iphoto, organize it with dates and titles, and even share it instantly through social media. Not only does it archive, but you can get rewards for doing it, too!

“Our goal at Canvsly is not only to help you save your children’s artwork, but also appreciate and encourage creativity and so we have worked out a rewarding system with Kiip …”  Together, Canvsly and Kiip are working with with brands like Pepsi, Disney, Amazon, Skittles, American Apparel etc. to provide “cool” rewards at key milestones. Now how great is that?

I think it’s a really fantastic marketing idea and wonderful way to hold onto precious keepsakes. Sure wish it was around 18 years ago. Sigh…

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