Branding is More Than Bull!

Spain's Bull BrandingBeing a diehard Branding champion (Branding done right, that is!) I couldn’t resist bringing back more than a few bruises and some wine from my last vacation.  Driving through Spain en route to our French destination, one could not help but notice the large black bull figures dotting the hillside. Curiosity getting the better of me, I Googled. And here is the branding dream come true:

The Bull is a brand mark! A clean, simple, enduring (since 1956!) brand mark for a Spanish brand of sherry — Veterano Brandy de Jerez. Originally it contained the brand name as well. But after a law forbade national roadside advertising (god, how do the Spanish know where their McDonald’s and KFCs are??), and the people became crazed about taking them down, a compromise was reached — off came the brand name and up stayed the bulls. And today, they remain as the every-Spaniard -knows-it symbol of this brandy.

So when I try to counsel newbie Brand Manager after newbie Brand Manager, (and frankly, some not such newbies!) on how to help their brand marks take root and grow — seeing that each of them simply wants to make their OWN mark and change whatever their predecessor did, that each desperately wants to change something, since they (not consumers) are bored with what they did 6 months earlier — well, it makes me sigh.

I think The (Veterano) Bull is a phenomenal tribute to the lack of bull that built it… and should be a (black) Gold Standard for how to establish a brand someone cares about.


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