Food TV of the Future?

2013 Food Film FestivalNo matter how many cooking shows I’ve watched where I say, “I’ve absolutely got to make that!” I’ve usually forgotten about the idea within the hour.

Fortunately, for the attendees of the 2013 Food Film Fest, this was never an issue, because as part of the event offering, the festival adds a multi-sensory experience by serving their film-watching guests the very same gourmet foods being featured in the film that evening. They screened “Whole Hog” and dined on BBQ, while “Know Your Mushroom” inspired a 10-course mushroom tasting menu!

The festival promoters have created quite a buzz, gaining curiosity from cooking magazine editors to numerous foodie bloggers. And for good reason — talk about bringing your content to life, full circle! IS this the next Food TV frontier? COULD a delivery subscription be available for select Food Network or Cooking Channel shows? If start-ups like Plated or Blue Apron can do it, think of what the creative power of these folks could do!!…

May seem far fetched now… but bet it’s a reality soon. An when it is, sign me up!


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