Starbucks on Wheels

Starbucks Rail TrainNow that everyone seems to enjoy Starbucks coffee and WiFi, how does one improve and move forward from here? How does a brand keep moving ahead and expand? Well, here’s a new one — take a train.

Seriously, that’s what Starbucks just did. They got a perfectly clean rail car, gutted the interior, replaced it with the new, hi-speed-tuned Starbucks bar… and off they went! Their double-decker car combines special bars that can serve coffee and pastries at high speeds, seats 50 passengers in comfort and style, all while using tables with interactive displays to order coffee delivered right to them. Of course, one can also opt to enjoy their coffee standing up by the counter. In addition to the standard “servings” from Starbucks, you will find ingenious touches, compliments of Swiss designers and engineers. All aboard the Starbucks! What a brand!

Source: gizmag, Nov 17, 2013

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