Grateful for Smart, Creative People

I have this “thing” for intelligence — love, love, love smart, creative thinking. (And conversely…) So when I saw this in my Stop & Shop, I was way more excited than anyone should be in a grocery store.

Stop & Shop Food DonationYou want folks to  donate food at holiday time? Don’t just ask them. Make it easier for them. DUH.

This “Food For Friends” box ‘o trimmings is simply marketing genius in my book! Simple. Quick item to pick up (from the oh-so-convenient display at the front of the store). Easier than juggling individual cans and bags of “stuff.” Branded, since it just happens to contain store brand items, and Profitable — the $10 price is likely more than most people spend, so you’ve got upsell …

Oh yes! This is a BIG WINNER in our GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award competition.

“This Thanksgiving season, I thank God there are still some smart, creative marketing people out there in this world. Amen.”

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