Zappos Makes Sure Holiday Travel Didn’t Get You Down

Zappos Airport StuntZappos, one of my favorite companies, shows their laser-focused customer orientation once again with a Thanksgiving stunt in Houston’s George Bush International Airport. By turning the nasty, “where is MY bag?” luggage carousel into a giant “Wheel of Fortune”/ roulette wheel, they also turned frustrated travelers (in one of their largest markets,)  into “What a great company they are!” potential shoppers. Depending on where your luggage landed, you won a prize. Quite simple (my favorite kind of events), yet extremely memorable! And I’ll bet pretty darned scalable.

Zappos Mission: “To intercept people in their everyday lives and bring surprise and delight.” (Notice this did not say, “To sell shoes.” Listen UP, Marketing Folks out there and watch the masters.) Guess Zappos knows that EVERYONE needs shoes at some point, and that the more people remember your name and feel good about you … well, you get the gist.

Definitely a GWH W.T.F (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award WINNER in my book. Another example of Marketers who win by thinking more about how to weave themselves into real people’s lives than how to scream slogans at them.



Source: Creativity Online 11/27/13

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