Customize Your Hot Cocoa!

Boomf Personalized MarshmallowsJust in time for the chilly weather (oh, yeah, and the holiday gift giving season), along comes the next personalizable food. (M&M’s, you didn’t know what you were starting!)

Boomf, a marshmallow confection company from the UK, has taken social media a step forward by taking customers’ Instagram photos and putting them on their fluffy vanilla confections. For about $17.00  (and about a 2-week wait in the USA) you can have your own custom set of beautiful photos placed on 9 delicious and pillowy 1-1/2” square marshmallows. (Yup, you can do 9 different photos!)

Boomf (named for the sound of the mallows landing on your doormat) marshmallows are made with edible inks through a digital printer.  What a fun and sweet twist to make your mallows (and your cocoa) your own!

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