Now That’s Holiday Spirit!

Classic brand. Classic holiday. So last thing you want is classic advertising (like those car ads with the red bows!) And the Baileys Irish Cream brand seems to get that this season.

In an enchanting (albeit a tad long winded) Nutcracker-themed video with “big budget” production values, they continue their campaign to celebrate women #with spirit in their Christmas with Spirit/Spend Time with The Girls execution — an engaging, fanciful and, thank you Baileys, modern, unexpected execution of a classic. (Kind of like their new vanilla cinnamon flavor.)

For me? It really works (and I’m not even a woman #with spirit!) Not only was it entertaining, but it delivered on the brand promise. (Proves you can do both, which so many seem to forget with video.)  I’ve already told at least ten people to watch it!

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