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Things to Stop Stressing About




As another New Year begins, full of promise and excitement, I came upon an interesting commentary on 14 Things To Stop Stressing About in 2014. After I mentally scored myself (SCORE: beleaguered by 12 of 14 — not something in which I wished to be an over-achiever), I reflected on just how many of these stressors are caused, or at least exacerbated by Marketing and/or Business in general (SCORE: being generous, at least 8). Hmmm…

I try hard to create a work environment internally that minimizes the stress factors that are within my control. But how many other stress factors do we, as Marketers, prey upon to move our clients’ good and services? Are we responsible for causing additional stress in order to then “relieve” it through our clients’ brands?

My wish for 2014 is to work harder to use our talents to make things more positive, enjoyable, or better, without increasing stress along the way. Anyone with me for the ride?



Source: Huffington Post 1/2/14


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