Social Media at Work… No really.

WOW! I have always said my dream job would be New Product Development at Ben & Jerry’s. I’ve always loved the clever risks they’ve taken with flavor names affiliated with Jerry Garcia, Phish and Willie Nelson. But I think my opinion has changed…my dream job is now Social Media at Ben & Jerry’s.

In case you missed it…

On January 1, 2014 Colorado legalized marijuana. On January 2, 2014 Ben & Jerry’s sent out this tweet:

Ben & Jerry's Tweet

I think you can make the connection. Marijuana…munchies…Ben & Jerry’s.

The combination of the power behind social media, and having the stones to approve and send this unbelievably insightful tweet has put Ben & Jerry’s light years out of reach of ANYONE in the social media arena. Clearly they get it…Sorry Doritos you’re gonna have to invent something like the internet to top this one!

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