You Have To Meet The Baby

Oh my god. I can’t get enough of the reaction shots to this inventive promotion for a new horror film “Devil’s Due”. Devised by the sick, sick minds at Thinkmodo, unsuspecting New Yorkers who were considerate enough to check on a crying baby in an abandoned stroller had their diapers soiled by the most frightening baby I’ve ever seen.

Warning: some of this footage is downright disgusting. Had I been one of these poor people, I would have had a heart attack. And if it didn’t kill me, I would have thrown the carriage into the East River. At the 1:03 mark in the youtube video, there is a man who has such a non-reaction I think he should be put in charge of…well, something really important and dangerous that requires a steady hand. Maybe our country’s nuclear arsenal? I mean, that guys is one cool customer.

Shock value and stunt marketing finally really connect with the people and the story it’s supposed to be telling. Just so great.

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