Dove Teaches Selfie Expression

Man they are good! No, … sensational. The Dove Real Beauty Campaign marks its 10th Anniversary with another tearjerker (if you are the sensitive type.) Once again taking on female issues with self image, this time they head down to the junior/senior high school level to start the conversation. Here Dove uses the popular “Selfie” to begin to teach the pivotal lesson to young women — and their mothers — about what actually constitutes beauty. (Note I said BEGIN, as I think most women take a lifetime to learn this, if we ever do.)

As with most Dove ads, this needs no explanation. Just the 8 minutes it takes to watch the short film produced for The Sundance Film Festival. (There is a shorter version. Do yourself a favor and watch the long one.) I know there are detractors of this entire campaign. But for me, any advertising that elicits such a visceral reaction in my gut of being true, and tears in my eyes (yup, I was one of those), deserves a round of applause and a resounding WINNER designation in our GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award campaign. Thank you Dove. Your trophy is on its way. #gwhRealityCheck

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