A Very Special Delivery

Nissan Auto DeliveryThat cat was almost let out of the bag (er, box that is) for a clever promotion for the Nissan Versa recently. When Nissan offered the vehicle last fall for sale on Amazon (with $1,000 gift cards as an incentive) they knew that shipping one in an actual Amazon box would make for a great promotional video. But when filming said video this week however, that lucky customer’s neighbor nearly blew the surprise by posting a picture of it on Reddit. I wonder if those involved in the promotion imagined that something as simple as a nosy neighbor could blow the surprise?

So Real Life “intrudes” on marketer’s plans once again! But kudos to Nissan for being nimble enough to not let it derail the excitement. Video still scheduled to break next week… albeit with a little advance publicity!


Source: Adweek 1/8/14

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