An Un-Super Bowl

It was bad enough that the game was less than stellar. But this year, the Advertising Community left me wanting more, too.

OK, the Bud Clydesdales made me tear up. (Soooo sweet. ) But since I’d already had my fill of Puppy Love during its  “preview,” (almost!)  it was almost a non-event (almost!) when it finally aired in the 4th quarter.

There were one or two others that maybe, just maybe, were sort of memorable for me (T-Mobile/Tim Tebow) and Bud Light/Epic Night, and the powerful partnership with Bank of America/U2/ Red). But beyond that, as I have been taught to say, “meh.”

What I found more interesting were the ads that caused controversy (really? Who has the time???) But, apparently folks took issue with…

Volkswagon for not having any female German Engineers sprout wings

Doritos for NOT airing the admittedly gross “finger cleaner” ad, despite the fact that it was most viewed, and…

Oikos, for its supposedly inappropriate sexual innuendo with John Stamos’ yogurt-in-the-lap

Guess I could have picked on the details, too. Instead I just say, “Tsk tsk, Agencies. Your clients paid $4million++ for your less-than-stellar work.” This was one of the biggest ego-fests I have seen in years. Who knows, maybe the rules will be changing about what (and who!) makes great advertising?

PS: check out our Facebook post for the occasion, awarding a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-up, or Flop) WINNER Award to Newcastle Brown Ale for skirting the hullabaloo and doing an awesome job! We LIKE breaking the rules and believe that the Big Boys aren’t always right!

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