Office Max Big Brother Is Watching

Office Max BlunderIn the quest to build more personal relationships with customers, Marketers are keen on collecting as much information about a person as possible. And this is a good thing for the most part, as it ensures we receive relevant communications and offers.  But some information is likely better not collected or, if it is collected, perhaps it should be better and more respectfully categorized/keyed-in to the database.

Imagine losing your 17-year old daughter in a horrible car crash.  Working through such a loss has to be beyond difficult. I can’t imagine a day goes by without heartache and it likely doesn’t take much to trigger sadness.   To then receive mail, from Office Depot of all places, addressed to you, but then, included in the address is this add-on:  “Daughter Killed in Car Crash” would be enough to send anyone over the edge.

While OfficeMax apparently rented the mailing list from a vendor, the data collection on this just seems downright creepy and intrusive into one’s very personal matter.  Data is an awesome tool to help us all better target our messages. But it can only be effective if it is reviewed, managed, and considered by a real human being to ensure that it is going to effectively communicate the right message with the right consumer.

This is such a sad GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) FLOP it can hardly be expressed.

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