Get Real.

Aerie in storeaerie-hed-new-2014Just in time for Valentine’s Day… aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie offering, is sending young women the message to “love the real you” and  jumping on the “Real Movement” bandwagon with the usage of advertising photos that have not been “retouched.”

Aerie’s terrific new campaign, #AerieReal, is part of a growing “real” movement in the fashion industry. Efforts like Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign and Seventeen Magazine’s “Body Peace Treaty” expose the unfair expectations put on women’s looks that many argue are way too prevalent in fashion and beauty photography. To kick off this campaign socially, Aerie invites their consumers to show “the real you” on Instagram, not only creating engagement but helping teens to understand that it’s more than AOK to “love the real you.”

Kudos to Aerie, which appeals to a large and increasingly important young female segment. And they are sending the right message early on to today’s teens, for sure! The photos show models complete with “flaws”– such as, their thighs actually touch (gasp!), their stomachs have little rolls, and they look, well, wonderfully natural and,… like they actually consume food to live! Way to go!

This is a GWH WTF (Winners, Toss-Ups, or Flops) AWARD WIN in every way! #AerieReal #gwhWTFaward

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 8.58.33 AM

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