Breathing Easy

Breathe Right StripsHave you had that chest cold thing lately? You know, the one that started with a sore throat around New Year’s Eve, hung around for a while, sort of went away, then came back with gusto, clogging up your head and making you just generally feel awful?

Well apparently it can cause unwanted noises through the night; the kind that make your spouse insist you wear a Breath Right® strip on your nose. Though a little uncomfortable at first, I was amazed when I woke up that I didn’t have that horrible feeling that during the night the Sahara Desert had swept into my mouth. I wore one every night for a week and finally shook the cold. Then I thought, “why don’t they advertise that these things can really help you when you’re sick?” A few days later, I see this spot on TV.

Well done, Breath Right®. A simple product demo of a product that actually works.

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