Hooray for Success and Stuff…?

As I took in the Olympics over the past two weeks, I couldn’t help but watch the commercial for GM’s Cadillac ELR — from beginning to end, every single time it ran. An actor who you know you’ve seen somewhere, talks to camera while giving you a tour of his luxury lifestyle… and the stuff he’s acquired. The ad definitely piques your interest, holds your attention. And I’ll never forget it was a Cadillac ad. So if that’s the measure of a successful commercial, then the folks at GM did their job.

Except, it left me eerily cold. The underlying premise is that hard work and short vacations (as opposed to “all of August off in some other countries”) are the key to acquiring a too-cool house, wife, kids and happiness. In other words, capitalism is a great and superior form of living, unlike the lifestyle in some other countries.

I realized after digesting all of this that disagree with GM’s xenophobic take on life. The ad actually is slightly insulting, as if everyone should be able to achieve these economic heights and will then, of course, be happy. Yeah, I get it. They’re not talking to 99% of us. But it’s still insulting. And as successful as GM may be designing a beautiful car, I think those “other countries” win hands down. Maybe four weeks off in August are what leads to superiority!

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