This is a Commercial?

Chipotle Hulu SeriesFast-food innovator Chipotle has already made a name for themselves with two stunning animated web spots: Back To The Start and The Scarecrow. But they’ve really gone all-out this time with a new Hulu series, Farmed And Dangerous. Written, cast, and filmed with all the quality of, if not a wide-release film, at least a well-produced TV show. Four 20-minute episodes do what the company’s previous viral animated spots attempted as well — rather than sell us on their menu, they bring attention to the company’s core values: sustainability and a return to more humane farming methods.

Definitely worth checking out.

I like their food, I like their attitude. They’re spending a lot of money here, and there seems to be barely a hint of branding. Self-serving? Sure, they want people to buy their food. But they know that many of their customers share their concerns about how that food gets from the farm to their stomach. So in the end,  it’s a win— a good message, delivered in an entertaining and provocative way by a company that makes good food.

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