How Not to Be a Glasshole

Google Glass EtiquetteGoogle Glass was launched last July, but seems that now Google feels the need to define some “Google Glass Etiquette,” releasing a list of some pretty funny rules for their “Google Glass Explorers” to follow (leaving room for even more good SNL skits, I am sure).

Their “Do’s” are pretty basic and practical, but in their list of “Don’ts”, Google shows that it has a humorous side, showing users how not to be “Glassholes” by using their $1500 computer glasses in rude ways, such as in locker rooms or any other place a cell phone would not be permitted (perhaps shower shot/selfies should have been included?). They also suggest using common sense (ya think?) and not using Google glass during high-impact sports such as water skiing, bull fighting or cage fighting, to name a few. The full list can me found here:

I guess adopters of new technology need reminding not to be “creepy or rude”…?

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