Not how it’s done anymore, Geico.

Sorry Geico, it isn’t how it works anymore

From personified spokes-animals to their latest “Did you know?” campaign, Geico has continued to hammer home their seemingly iron-clad marketing message that 15 minutes can save you… well you know… blah blah blah. Apparently, another insurance company heard enough of it too.

So in this short, but hilarious Esurance spot by Leo Burnett, you’ll see how an out-of-touch senior shares her latest social and financial tips with a couple of close friends. The simple reveal (and GREAT line — “It’s NOT how it’s done anymore!”) makes me think perhaps we’ve all been drinking the Geico Kool-Aid a bit too long!

Now, will saving those extra 7½ minutes be enough to change insurance policy perceptions? Time will tell. But if Geico has any sense, they’ll use this as their own Reality Check.

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