For the Love of Bacon

Oscar Mayer Bacon AppAnyone who knows me knows I am a true Baconophile. It rivals wine and cheese for the Best Food on Earth Award. So have to make a big deal about my friends at Oscar Mayer Bacon for their beyond belief app — Wake Up & Smell The Bacon.

Works with a detachable plug that inserts into the headphone slot and emits the sizzly smell of fresh bacon cooking whenever you program the alarm to go off. Really. They say that it’s the real thing.

Full-on marketing muscle supports this ingenious gadget, from TV to digital to social. Even the requisite sweeps to give some away. And while I can’t say I am overly fond of the TV spot, I am still impressed with the fun of the idea overall.

Now it’s good enough in my book to simply support a love of bacon. But one better? This  creativity has taken a commodity food item that is definitely not riding the better for you food trend, and works to make it lively, fun, topical and engaging!

Way to go Oscar Mayer! (That one’s for you, Mick J!)

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