Good Message or Mockery?

Snickers has been running funny “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” ads since Super Bowl 2010. Featuring notables like Betty White, Kim Jong-Un, and Robin Williams, each time showing the dilemma of men not behaving “normally” due to hunger, being solved by eating a Snickers Bar.

Well their newest one throws a curve ball. Shows Aussie construction workers making the expected catcalls to passing women. Only in this version, they shout affirmations about empowerment, gender equality and respect.

First blush: pretty funny. Then upon thought: What IS is that Snickers saying? That their product, thank goodness, lets men continue behaving like jackasses?

I honestly have to say that I LIKE this spot, if for no other reason that it stirs up controversy and gets people talking. “What did they mean?”, “Are they pro-catcalling or against?”, “Is Snickers anti-women?”… and you know what? No matter how you interpret, you’re talking about Snickers, aren’t you?

And bet 10 to 1 the male target they are trying to speak to thinks it’s funny.

Good #@!$**! job Snickers!



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