Because We All Need Silly Stuff.

Three, a British mobile network, has the most fun-loving advertising tagline around: “We all need silly stuff” and their new campaign very theatrically delivers on this promise. The #SingItKitty campaign has over 5.0 million hits on YouTube and counting.

From the perfectly cast girl on her bike to the singing kitty in her basket who incidentally can hit all the high notes in the 70’s Jefferson Starship “We Built This City” tune, this ad just can’t help but make you smile and feel good. And, to continue the fun online, they also have a  related website, where you can upload your photo and “star in your own kitten-rocking, face-morphing music video.” Sadly, however, it doesn’t load outside the U.K.

Well done, Three. We all need silly stuff today to make us smile and this video does just that.

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