Ronald McDonald v Ronald McDonald.

Taco Bell takes on Ronlad McDonaldOnly Ronald McDonald can take on McDonald’s, at least that is what Taco Bell is banking on to launch their new breakfast offering.

A new TV spot from Taco Bell features a series of real life (folks named) Ronald McDonalds, all extolling the awesomeness of Taco Bell’s new breakfast items.  Given that McDonald’s has a stronghold on breakfast, this is a pretty clever way to get some attention and buzz for Taco Bell’s breakfast menu.

Not one to miss a beat, McDonald’s responded but not in an aggressive full on “breakfast wars” manner – they simply posted a “sweet” photo of the original Ronald McDonald petting a tiny little Chihuahua, with the caption “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Oh yeah, and they also offered up free coffee for two weeks to make sure breakfast on-the- go-eaters don’t get up and go to Taco Bell.

Just love how both used humor and a playful approach to get their message out vs. going into full on attack/counter attack mode – no one wins when that happens.

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