Game of (Social) Thrones — Uniting your kingdoms.


You know how fairy tales helped tell important messages to little kids in the ”olden days,” right? Well HootSuite, the web industry’s leading social media management dashboard, may have created a modern day version to get their own message out — all within the magical world of Game of Thrones.

Receiving rave reviews for their Thrones-themed infographic last year, they’re one-upping themselves now with an online video appearing before the Game of Thrones 4th season opener.

Their video mimics the epic show’s intro well — with the same dramatic camera pans zooming in on castles and other structures (that define the Social platforms very, very well!) as they rise up out of an iconic game board globe.

Their message? “We unit your Social Kingdoms.” Period. End of game.

Topical, engaging, simple, memorable. I get it. And I can’t say that about much advertising today.

So for this, I give my allegiance to HootSuite for a very impressive communication strategy. #GameOfSocial

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