Vacation Sex Pays Off


For the better part of the last 40 years we’ve been hearing dire warnings about how the ravages of overpopulation will adversely affect the entire planet.  Well, apparently one travel agency in Denmark didn’t get the memo.

In response to that country’s actual declining birth rate, Spies Travel launched their “Do it for Denmark” campaign, encouraging couples to book a vacation and, while they’re away, do their part to repopulate the country.  They’re even offering an “Ovulation Discount’ to anyone who can provide proof that, while enjoying one of its vacation packages, the couple did in fact conceive a child. (You can’t make this stuff up!)

All kidding aside, this campaign is ingenious!  It gets your attention right off the bat with the ominous VO that asks, “Can sex save Denmark’s future?” then proceeds to articulate the challenges of a falling birth rate, including the fact that, if nothing changes, there won’t be enough children to care for the aging population.  Citing figures that claim that 10% of Denmark’s children are conceived while their parents are on vacation, and that Danes have 46% more sex while on holiday than they do at home, the spot encourages viewers to do their part to save Denmark’s future by going on holiday, having lots of sex, and ultimately, conceiving a child.

All participants have to do is book an “Ovulation Discount” package, and then prove they conceived their baby while on that holiday.  The prize? A three-year supply of diapers, and a free “child-friendly” vacation at a future date!

Playful, clever, and exceedingly original marketing! Viral You Tube sensation! And proves that there really ARE new ideas when folks are creative enough!

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