The Ugly Truth


The Ugly TruthSome of we “experienced” marketing types get punchy at times when brainstorming campaign ideas. Usually we have to run through the list of the latest industry buzzwords that drive us crazy (#recalibrate, #reachout, #lowhangingfruit, #bandwidth) just to get them out of our system. Then there are the spoofs that the creative staff comes up with that purport to “tell the truth.” (Sometimes so funny, we actually bring them to the presentation).

So when I ran across graphic designer, Cliff Dickens’, site,, I knew I had to share his sarcasm! Cliff takes a look at popular brands and cleverly shows us what consumers may really be thinking about them. (Reminds me of that old Dudley Moore movie, Crazy People, where the patients of an insane asylum wrote “honest ads” for clients who’d never seen such a concept! Remember, among others less G-Rated, “Volvo — They’re Boxy But They’re Good”?)

I have to give Cliff a WIN for breaking through the clutter and getting himself noticed…Great way to sell yourself Cliff! (And the ads aren’t so bad, either. Maybe this Truth thing ought to be tried.)




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