Doritos Going Bold… Again

Frito-Lay gambled on yet another test of consumer loyalty last week when it launched three new flavors…with no way to know what they were!!
The program is called, Bold Flavor Experiment, with Doritos Jacked tortilla chips. Consumers are asked to try three new “mystery flavors” found on shelves in unmarked silver packaging, identified with just a Test Flavor # (like in R&D files!)  The ingredient panels are visible so you can technically see what they’re made of. But the final taste?  Who knows.
Folks are supposed to vote for the flavor they like best online, with the one with most votes at the end of the 60-day voting period appearing in the fall in ‘regular packaging’.
Well, it definitely fits into Frito’s “For The Bold” global campaign: It’s a BOLD change from traditional packaging principles, where marketers use every inch of white space for logos, taglines, features, benefits, and legalese (Not to mention tellug us what we’re buying.). And it’s a BOLD move hoping folks will like any one of the flavors enough to buy a 10oz bag. (I mean, think about it — they do come in small 3+oz bags for $1.49. But also a 10 ouncer for $4.29. Would YOU buy a 10oz. bag of something you didn’t know the flavor of? Hopefully they got GREAT Frito-esque distribution on those sample sizes!)
So good for Frito-Lay. They show confidence in their knowledge of their consumer and their tolerance for risk/out of the box behavior.  And all of this with no TV advertising… just in-store, digital PR and social media.
GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-up, or Flop)? This one’s a Winner just for having the guts to do it!

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