Margaritaville Master Does It Again!

Jimmy Buffet Drive-In TourSo as we finally break into sunshine and warm temps (after a seemingly endless winter) I once again have to take my beach hat off to my King of Summer, Jimmy Buffet!  Not for a new song, boat drink concoction, or beach book. But for one of the things I actually admire him for MOST — being and fostering an organization full of of A+ Marketers!

I won’t go into my lofty praise for his branding supremacy, loyalty/CRM marketing talent, or ability to launch a new product to fame instantaneously on his name alone (TAKE NOTE of Landshark Beer). No, this time, my idol has figured out how to REDEFINE the seemingly finite parameters of a concert tour schedule, to not only bring in more bucks (duh) , but to please and engage more fans, yet not require additional capital or time spent on the road.  GENIUS!

Introducing a new tour stop: Live At The Drive-In— a live show from the Coyote Drive-In in Panther Island, Fort Worth Texas. But for the first time, the live show will be simultaneously broadcast to drive-ins across the country!! Expands the reach of his concerts in a beyond Buffet-esque way, without adding additional show stops. Gets out to the people in a supremely Buffet-Branded way that has never been tried before. (My Hero.)

I know that virtual broadcasts are not new. But creating a “mini concert” in a host of drive-ins across the country just seems like brilliant marketing to me. They changed the game to suit their brand. Changed the givens. Did it differently. Made fans happier AND made money. He gets a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) WINNER Award hands down! How I would love to present it in person…

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