Why Would You Want A Wagon?

Well, especially now as the summer travel season is upon us, there are lots of reasons. They can haul 5 people and a good amount of stuff; or 2 people and an incredible amount of stuff. They’re built on car platforms, so they handle like cars. They often look better than boxy SUVs, yet have the same if not greater cargo capacity. And then they’ve got that hard-to-deny boomer nostalgia working for them. More often than not, if you’re over 50, you grew up facing backwards in your parent’s stationwagon (and admit it, you loved that).

But in the U.S., people seem to have fallen out of love with the wagon. We’ve gotten used  to “riding up high”, and the prevalence of SUVs on the road has created a sort of arms-race that many of us have surrendered to.

Now, Volvo is introducing a real wagon again to the States again, the V60 Sport Wagon. It looks sexy, but still looks like a Volvo. It joins a very small (and shrinking) field of wagons. Which brings us to the slightly odd TV spot that Volvo is currently running to introduce the V60. “In every life, there are moments of certainty…” the VO tells us. We see a 50ish man looking at the car, and remembering moments from his life (moments of certainty we assume). His first bike, his first guitar, first girlfriend, first pair of headphones (?). But it’s a generic message — I don’t feel it says anything specific about Volvos or wagons. All that work and I don’t really know what they want me to know about their car… other than I’ll be certain when I do know.

But I wish them luck. Wagons are awesome.

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