Your Sneakers: The Next Window to Your Soul?

Mi Addidas


Want to personalize a t-shirt with a photo of your pet? (sooo 1990s.) Want to enhance your iPod case with a photo of your favorite band? (sooo 2006.) Now what if you could take an Instagram photo and have it wrap around the entire surface of your sneakers? (sooo… August 2014??)

Exactly. It’s all part of Adidas’ relaunch of “mi adidas,” the global company’s customizable-sneakers program, soon to be available for its line of Originals lifestyle shoes, featuring the ZX Flux.

Okay, so it’s not like the customizable sneaker  hasn’t been around for a while. It has, with every major brand offering their own spin, including YourReebok and NIKEid. Yet what most of these brands offer is merely a choice from a finite selection of colors, patterns or graphics. But, now being able to personalize your shoes with your own Instagram photo, changes the story from a 1 in a 100 kind of uniqueness to a 1 in a whatever-the-exact number-of-people-there-are-on-the-planet kind of uniqueness!

You can even take the #zxflux to the next level with the ultra innovative photo print app from #miadidas. Coming out on iPhone and Android from August 2014, “The possibilities are limitless,” says Adidas on Instagram.

And although I might not want to shell out the $90 asking price myself for “just sneakers,” I still have to give props to Adidas for not only providing a whole new surface for photographic self-expression, but for giving the consumer a truly personal and engaging brand experience.





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