Belmont Stakes Creatively Bets on Mobile for California Chrome

Belmont Stakes Mobile MktgWhile it’s pretty exciting to have a Triple Crown contender for the first time in 36 years, the Marketing Geekster in me is even more jazzed by the progressive, but SMART marketing being done by the New York Racing Association (NYRA), fully dependent on mobile.

Beginning at the Kentucky Derby, they geotargeted ads 1 mile around the race area, serving up a direct link to buy Belmont tickets. They did the same around the Preakness that followed. And now that a Triple Crown is a possibility at the Belmont, they are really going to town, using local demographics (especially including income) and driving distance the Belmont, to target potential local NY-area attendees. So smart!

Along with the ability to buys tickets, they are really working to engage with fans with content that spans a Horse Racing primer, to a handicapping app… all the way to a talking horse.

Net, with over 1.6million fans reported to attend NYRA events annually, and race fans known to check their phones upwards of 150 times a day (pishaw, I check that many times in an hour for email!), their understanding of their audience, and clever, pre-planned, strategic utilization of mobile gives them a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award WINNER designation for sure!!

Actually may go watch California Chrome run for it myself next week. Apparently just wasn’t a close enough drive for them to invite me!


Source: Mobile Marketer, 5/30/14

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