Goodnight Siri.

siri-5-650x0Apple recently announced  that they are diving into the smart home market with their new app, Home Kit.

Unlike some current devices that control only one or two utilities in your home, Apple’s Home Kit integrates all devices, almost like a universal remote right from your iPhone or iPad.  Once a consumer’s devices are integrated with the Home Kit, they can be grouped together for different scenarios.  For example, when it’s time for bed, you can tell Siri, “Go to bed,” and the iPhone or iPad will turn down the thermostat, make sure the garage door is closed and turn off specific lights in the home. Oh, just imagine the possible scenarios you can create! Let’s say you have unwanted guests approaching your door, you can just tell Siri, “Go Away” and the house lights magically shut off and the sprinklers go on to ward off those uninvited visitors. How fun!

Bravo to Apple (and soon to follow Google) for meeting busy consumer’s needs and making life a little easier. Now when I go to bed at night instead of running around and turning off  lights, shutting any open windows, turning on the dishwasher and turning down the thermostat, I can just head straight to bed–maybe even get a good night’s sleep.

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