When is a Coke Not a Coke?

When it’s a dumb bell?

Well yes, this IS a different take on Coke! Ogilvy & Mather, China has developed a “2nd Lives” campaign for the brand, currently being featured in Vietnam, to try to encourage folks there to recycle. 16 different red plastic caps were created that transform empty Coca-Cola bottles into all kinds of creative things, like toys, spray bottles, squirt-guns, and even dumb bells, to name a few.  And to get the momentum going, Coke will give away 40,000 of these “2nd Lives” caps!

Now it isn’t quite clear if the caps themselves are made out of recycled bottles, or not. If not, it seems to defeat the purpose, no? But have to give the team kudos for one heck of a use of imagination!

Source: Adweek 6/5/14

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