Just Going with the Flo


Hello Flo has done it again! For the folks who may not have been introduced to this innovative tampon subscription company last summer with their initial “Camp Gyno” video, with all the press now, it’s hard to miss their latest sensation “First Moon Party” — with this year’s hilarity focused on a girl who fakes getting her period to be part of the gang. Mom totally knows she’s B.S.ing, so decides to throw an over-the-top party to celebrate the “big event” as retribution. Casting, writing, directing, acting, everything adds up to fantastic marketing! Of course, it’s gone viral.

But other than laughing along with a great effort, what can every marketer take away? Maybe… not always trying so hard to dance around a product’s real issues and opportunities, but putting truth, humor, and a good dose of courage into trying to stand out?

Way to go Hello Flo!

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