The Delicious Tapas of Communication

Nike InfographicIn today’s clutter-filled web, where everything is “instant” and attention spans are even shorter, standing out is critical. As a Creative, we are charged with trying to solve these design challenges to create simple, clean, clever, concise, easy-to-follow and useful —all at the same time!

Hence the rise of the infographic — small bites of easily digestible information that, if done well, leave you quite full!

Love how Nike has gotten into the game to showcase their prowess with their new #RiskEverything ‘football’ campaign! 6 BILLION impressions and counting… Impressive! Not to mention all of the other snippets of success they communicate as well. Infographic with impact.

Here’s a look at 11 of the top infographics so far in 2014, just featured in Hubspot. I think they’re beautiful and smart — the perfect combination for a designer to shoot for!

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