July 4th If Britain Won!

In yet another funny spoof on tradition, Newcastle Brown Ale ambushes July 4th the way they did the Super Bowl, and celebrates what America might have been if Britain had come out victorious in our Revolution for Independence. Totally playful #IfWeWon has fun one-upping Hallmark by creating the “Independence Eve” holiday, as the night-before July 3rd celebration dedicated to Britain’s “victory.” The pool of videos on ifwewon.com  show all of the myriad benefits we’d be enjoying… if only.

I simply love this brand’s non-stop show of creativity, spunk, and ability to stay in brand and UN-serious. (And wish there were more marketers out there who worked so tirelessly to stay in brand character with consistency.)  But I think I am just as happy without the extra swear words in our vocabulary!

Happy July 4th to everyone! Go have a Newcastle Brown Ale to celebrate!

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