Hassle Free Meal Planning At Last



How does $10/mo sound to have someone plan all of your meals for you, using the tastes and ingredients you like, provide you not only the recipes, but the shopping list that goes along with it?

Yeah, I like it, too. And that’s just what gatheredtable.com purports to do. Begun by ex-Starbucks executive Mary Egan, the folks at Gatheredtable take all of your own personal information (likes, dislikes, abilities, allergies, time available, whatever) and creates a weekly digital meal plan for you —  you can even post your own “finds” along the way.

So many of these “services” feel like more work than they save. But this one just seems to streamline things perfectly — even offers a local “pantry audit” Concierge and the promise of actual farm/store to home delivery soon, not to mention other great services. Now THIS is having a handle on what real people are looking for!

So I’ll still look forward to cooking… it’s the homework I will excitedly live without. Here I come, Gatheredtable!

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