Ugly Sells

Like it or not, we live in a world where beauty is worshiped and anything less is pushed aside. Apparently that can change with a little creativity!

Enter Intermarche, France’s third largest supermarket chain. As a way of combating the over 300 million tons of food wasted each year, they decided to showcase and sell what were consider to be the ugly fruits and vegetables of the crop, the ones thrown away.

The Grotesque AppleThey purchased the imperfect-looking produce their growers tossed, and marketed them as “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables”. Presenting them in a separate store section at a 30% discount, they displayed humorous, yet celebratory signage, featuring The Grotesque Apple, The Hideous Orange and The Unfortunate Clementine. They even designed custom packaging for a line of Inglorious vegetable soups and fruit juices, and sampled them to prove that each was equally as healthy and delicious as their more beautiful-looking, pricier counterparts.

The result? An average of 1.2 tons in sales per store during the first 2 days alone, a 24% increase in store traffic and through social networking and interest from the media… and major awareness of the food waste across the nation.

What a great example of not only how to educate the consumer in a memorable way, but also how to get them to do stuff willingly! Great, great idea!

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