Kit Kat “Surely Wins” with This One

Kit Kat Bars Help Tsunami VictimsA few years ago when Japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami, Nestle was there to lend a hand in the rebuilding process, focusing their efforts on the damaged railways in the Saniku region.

Now, to take their support even further, Nestle is using their well-known KitKat brand as a springboard to further expand relief efforts by allowing railway riders to use KitKat wrappers as a train ticket through May of 2015. (An ordinary railway ticket sells for about $1.87 (190 yen), but these special KitKat bars cost just $1.06 (108 yen)).

To showcase the campaign, Nestle decorated two trains and two stations with the traditional Japan design (cherry blossom) that symbolizes hope.  They will also be donating about $0.20 per bar in order to help in reconstruction and to encourage people to join the project.

How apropos, since in Japan it is common to give KitKat bars as an expression of good luck, as the name is similar to the Japanese phrase “Kitto-Katsu,” which means, “You will surely win.”  Talk about a brand using its already strong recognition for the greater good by creating a solution that is a triple winner: transportation, reconstruction, and sweet reward!

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