Reebok to Oscar Mayer: We’re Taking on Your Bacon

reebok-baconBranding today is a part of  life, like seasons, reality TV, or celebrity divorces. Our clothes display the mark of its maker. Same goes for our cars, electronics, office equipment and toilet paper. When we love a brand, we love it and it shows. But just how far can a brand extend itself?

Enter Reebok Bacon, the official food of CrossFit athletes…?

Knowing that there is a huge affinity for the caveman-esque Paleo Diet among Cross Fit athletes (and vice versa), Reebok packaged its new branded bacon (uncured with no nitrates, preservatives, MSG, or sweeteners, in keeping with Paleo principles) in shoe box-like packages and dry ice and handed them to enthusiasts at the 2014 CrossFit Games in California.

reebok Bacon Box Food TRuckThey also brought out the Reebok Bacon Box food truck, where contestants were treated to Reebok-branded B.O.D (Bacon of the Day) bacon balls, and other daily menu items including Bacon Wrapped Artichokes, Bacon Wrapped Chorizo-Stuffed Dates, Bacon Wrapped Seasoned Pork Belly, and Bacon Wrapped Carne Asada and Pepperoncini.

Reports claim Reebok has no apparent plans to take this gem to retail, but, if successful with brand fans…

While the initiative may sound silly to some Branding purists, how amazing if Reebok actually DOES have a brand that can transcend such category boundaries! Then I’d believe in bacon, too!

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