Shakira’s Hips Defeat The Force

What does it take to unseat VW’s most-shared video of all time? Apparently Shakira, The World Cup, The World Food Programme, and Dannon’s Activia Yogurt.

While Volkswagon’s “The Force” had been the most shared ad of all time for 41 straight months, as of August 5th, it was bumped out of that number one spot by Activia’s World Food Programme ad/video starring Shakira— created for Brazil’s World Cup.

It’s a great video and a great cause —the World Food Programme partnership helps provide school meals for children in need around the world.  Known in advertising jargon as “trackvertising,” (where a brand and a musician co-release a spot that is both a music video and an ad), it seems to have it all — images of beautiful players, beautiful people and lots of “happy tummies.”

Looks like Dannon’s found some real social marketing success in this pairing.  A definite GWH W.T.F (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) WINNER!


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