Sell Local, Speak Local.

ManhattanStorageAdsSmart advertising can be found in the most unlikely of places! (And often that’s where it’s the best.) See how Manhattan Storage shows us the power of talking directly to your audience in as relevant a way as you can, for the most impact.

Clearly, they have a geographically limited audience. So their latest ad campaign turned the mundane topic of storage into some witty banter that only New Yorkers could appreciate. (But boy could they!) With a bold color scheme and a funky font (Oh, how Metro!), the company is re-defining its brand as hip, current, and of-the-NYC people.  And yes, the themes are very local, so if you don’t live in or near New York City and understand the quest for space, you likely won’t get it.  Bike-share and Bloomberg? You have to know city politics and its programs or the sarcasm is lost.

At GW Hoffman Marketing, we teach that brands should try to speak to “an audience of ONE” to be most targeted and relevant. These guys have learned the lesson well — with their audience of ONE CITY.

Kudos, Manhattan Storage. The little guy gives some of their Madison Ave neighbors a lesson in advertising!

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