Marketing that makes you learn in spite of yourself.

On August 1st, at exactly 17:00, gamers around the world were stopped in their tracks while playing Enemy Front, a virtual WWII-themed video game. At that very moment, a message appeared saying, “Your game will resume in exactly one minute. To find out why your game stopped, please visit”.

The site, created by CI Games, showed a short, but insightful film, educating viewers how the entire city of Warsaw, Poland stops whatever they are doing for exactly one minute every year to honor the moment the Warsaw Rising broke out on August 1st, 1944.

To further commemorate the 70th anniversary of this event, visitors had the opportunity to honor the heroes of the Rising through social media links. With results now in, several thousand gamers participated in this experience!

What a unique way to reach a captive audience — programming it into the very game they have engaged with that is based on this soberingly true, historical event. Timely. Poignant. And so memorable.

You know, sometimes Marketing doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets for manipulation and deceit. Sometimes, it’s just great. How else could this be applied for greater good…?



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