How Strong is The NFL… Brand?

NFL Cover Girl AdSo many exciting “Marketing Things” to be shared this season regarding the NFL and its use of marketing and technology to create a better experience for game day fans.  And I was excited to share that this week. But given recent issues, so well summarized by, seems like the thing that needs focus is way bigger than “technologically enhancing the visitor’s experience.” 

How about making me, as a female fan (though should my sex matter?) who has had football a part of her life since early childhood (I dare anyone to engage my mom when either The Pats or Notre Dame are on!) feel like this is a sport — and a brand — deserving of its “Hero Status.”

This is not just a random sport with poorly behaving players. It is an iconic American Brand, one that has achieved phenomenal levels of engagement and loyalty across all demographics — ages, income levels and, especially genders . And its Brand has been damaged. So it won’t just be an exercise in human decision-making that takes place now, it will be a wholesale process of damage control and Brand RE-building. I will be watching this for lessons to be learned on many fronts — the very least of which will be Marketing.


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