Can Sneakers One Up

As we all communicate more and more through technology, it’s no wonder we’ve become more detached from real face to face interactions, and their possible benefits! Le Coq Sportif, a French sports apparel company, realized this societal concern. So “sneaker hook ups” were born!

To help reignite personal interaction, they created a campaign coined The Sole Mate Experience. As part their new Eclat sneaker collection launch in Australia, they ran a Facebook contest where young 20-somethings won a pair of Eclats and were instructed to visit a specific Le Coq Sportif store in Sydney to pick up their prize. Little did they know that the “shoe prizes”  had built-in sensors, designed to give a tingling sensation in the toes when they got close to one of the other contest winners of the opposite gender. Instant “Sneaker Hook Up Opportunity!”

Much to their delight, the experiment worked! What a simple, yet creative way to get people to connect with each other — all while the product became the center of attention.

Makes you think about how else technology can support REAL PEOPLE situations and brand goals…

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