Advertising Taking Flight.

IMG_1452There is certainly nothing new about advertising on planes, from beverage napkins to food and drink sampling, even ads on printable boarding passes. Spirit Airlines, however, is taking this to new heights. Recently on a trip from Boston to Atlantic City, the overhead bins resembled a NYC subway!

Spirit is making almost everything on their planes accessible to advertisers –even the “barf bags” can be emblazoned with an ad!  In fact, if you desire, you can wrap an entire plane ($400,000 for one plane for the year), or advertise on window panels, bulkheads, overhead bins, tray tables, inflight menus, flight attendants’ aprons, Styrofoam cups, and yes, even the air sickness bags. Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 6.40.38 PM

Why would advertisers be interested in this? According to Spirit’s Media Kit:

  • Reaches 12 million flyers who are a captive audience for an average of 3 hours.
  • Spirit’s frequent flier is an attractive target market of primary household purchase decision makers: an upscale female, college educated with a household income of $100K+.

GWH Reality Check? While the traveler in me might be horrified that a once sacrilegious minimum ad zone is now being thoroughly infiltrated, the marketer in me sees the genius in generating ancillary revenue. By seemingly renting every inch of in-flight display space to advertisers, Spirit provides a new way to advertise to those who want to reach their target effectively and without a lot of clutter. Fasten your seat belts.


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