Smart Thinking is On The Menu.

OnTheMenu #tntWhat do you get when you cross Extreme Makeover with the King of The Cooking Show? You get what’s On The Menu — a totally revolutionary execution of today’s darling, the cooking show! On the Menu is the totally new cooking show paradigm on TNT, featuring Menu Master Emeril Lagasse and Host Ty Pennington (from Extreme Makeover fame), that brings a TV show home to the streets of America, in almost real time! BRILLIANT!

What’s so different? Typical real-people cooking competition on air. But this one brings the winning dishes to popular restaurants across America the next day! By adding in the QSR partnerships (10 places signed on, everywhere from the likes of Chili’s to The Cheesecake Factory to Buca di Beppo), On The Menu adds a dimension of reality that has never before been seen in this genre.

Love, love, love the ingenuity in thinking! Sure do hope this one flies!

PS: They even give you coupons online for the featured restaurant! Now how’s that for closing the sale!

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