Halloween Car Insurance Advertising. It’s What You Do… If You’re Geico.

Halloween and car insurance? Apparently they connect perfectly, if you’re Geico.

Geico and their unpredictable ad campaigns have now ceased to perplex most of us, and are simply enjoyed for their entertainment value. I suppose it is this unpredictability that makes them memorable and fresh time and time again. Maybe this has finally become the common thread for all of their wacky campaigns, especially this latest.

So, it is only natural to expect that something UNexpected would be coming along soon. And it did. Just in time for the ever-popular season for buying car insurance — Halloween!

Here’s an interesting factoid: Warren Buffet (owner of Geico’s parent company) said that he would spend $2 billion on Geico’s ads if he could! Actual amount spent on these ads, according to Wikipedia — $1.1 billion in 2012! That’s some generous budget to work with, and fortunately the work continues to shine.

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